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The UK & Irelands Sole Distributor of Mehari Club Cassis 2cv Parts.

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Whilst we are all struggling through this tough time, we want to reassure our customers that we are doing everything we can to support you and keep our staff safe.

This means we will still be fully contactable by phone and email.

We are still sending orders out daily. 

We will do our best to keep you updated if there are any changes. We are adhering to the governments advice for everyones protection.

We hope you all keep safe during this difficult time.


Welcome to The 2CV Shop - one of UK's friendliest and most experienced 2CV specialists!

Owned by Enthusiasts..... for Enthusiasts !

Welcome to our website all about our passion for the Citroen 2cv. If you are a current or previous Citroen 2CV owner, you will already know what all the fuss is about.
The 2CV Shop Rebuild, Repair and Service Citroen 2CV's and all derivatives. We also have an extensive Online Shop selling 2CV parts, spares and accessories.

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Are you new to the 2CV?

If you are new to the 2CV then you could be about to discover something very special. Arguably, no other car in motoring history has ever achieved higher levels of enthusiasm and sheer passion from its owners.  The fact that this was achieved by one of the cheapest cars on the market makes it even more remarkable.

2CV owners always feel that they have somehow beaten the system, and seem to have a permanent smile on their faces when driving their pride and joy - which invariably has a name and is just one of the family!

Yes, the 2CV is more like a pet, a living creature, than it is a heap of metal - or as a major motoring magazine said in the 80's: "The 2CV is so much greater than the sum of its parts".

Add to that the fact that the 2CV is very practical, will seat 4 adults in comfort, is extremely economical to run (group 1 insurance), and has a full length sunroof for open-air summer fun, and you start ticking many boxes no small modern car dare even look at.

Starting to get the picture?  -  put the prejudices and ill-informed stereotypical opinions to one side and actually take a serious look at the 2CV and you will either fall in love with it, or have no heart.

Citroen ended production of the 2CV in 1990. For most of the population that was just an item on National TV News, but to those who had discovered the secret, it was a devastating blow.

Not to worry! - the legend was so powerful that the 2CV could never die, and it was inevitable that a number of independent specialists would set up and provide owners with a level of enthusiasm and service that Citroen themselves seemed to have lost.
The very nature of the 2CV's construction and the extensive supply of parts saved the day. Short of crushing it, there is not an awful lot that can happen to a 2CV that renders it beyond repair.  2CV's can be restored or completely rebuilt, and whilst this does involve significant costs, it is still possible to treat yourself to a completely rebuilt 2CV for the same money as it would cost to buy a modest new modern "box".  "Smiles per Pound" there is still nothing that can come close to this wonderful French Classic.

Parts Classification

Below we have 5 icons to categorise our different ranges and quality of our parts. 

We believe we have a ranges to satisfy the most demanding of owners to a owner on a more moderate budget.


602 parts
602 parts combine performance and premium quality. They are recommended for intensive road use or motor sport usage. They are also intended for demanding owners who want to enhance or personalize their vehicle for more comfort or seductive appeal.
Original-Quality Parts
Original-quality parts are exclusive to the 2CV Méhari Club Cassis, and are manufactured in the strictest compliance with the Citroën specifications and tradition. They are made at Cassis or in France, using the historic Citroën machine tools, or using original materials or moulds. Like original parts, original-quality parts guarantee an exemplary finish and reliability. Thanks to optimal adjustment, they enhance the vehicle and reduce the amount of time you spend on maintenance work compared with competing parts.
MCC Parts
The manufacture of each MCC (Méhari Club Cassis) part complies with the quality charter imposed by the manufacturer, in conformity with the operating agreements signed by Citroën France and the 2CV Méhari Club Cassis. Every MCC part guarantees unique value for money and long-term availability.
Original Parts
An original part is a part directly manufactured by Citroën or a Citroën subcontractor. So, by nature, it has the quality, reliability and perfect safety of the historic part, and is similar in all ways.
Adaptable Parts
An adaptable part is a copy of the original part that can resemble it. However, depending on its origin, it may not always offer the same ease of assembly, and may be of variable quality.

Our Parts Catalogue:

To order a HARDCOPY by post please click Here. 

To download a totally free PDF version (41MB) click Here.

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