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 Classic Cars

The Classic Car Body Shop - What We Do
Here at The 2CV Shop we have spent many years watching 2CV's leave our workshops with excellent bodywork, and as our reputation grew we began to get asked if we would carry out bodywork on other classic cars.

As a specialist 2CV Centre we had not even considered taking on additional work, but after a lot of pressure over the years from owners of other classics, we have in more recent times started working on other cars in limited numbers. Our bodywork skills are just as relevant to other cars after all.

We carry out welding, bodywork and resprays on all Classic Cars and just like the work we do on 2CV's we always cut out and deal with any rust issues. We are also able to offer full shot blasting services. Please do not ask us to just spray over a problem area to save money, we will not be willing to do this because we are not in the business of "covering up to sell".

We charge on an hourly basis for classic resprays. As you will appreciate, finding and dealing with rust cannot always be planned ahead. We believe that if a fixed price is given ahead and then additional unpredictable work is found that then becomes unfair to the customer.   What we will do is keep you informed as the job progresses so that there are no nasty surprises at the end.

Unfortunately, today classic cars are all too often just seen as "any old car" by many garages and body shops when they undertake bodywork. The 2CV Shop are different. Here every classic is seen as a real treat to work on as it is part of our motoring history that is going through our workshop, and we feel very proud as every one leaves us.