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Why Use Us?

We have exported 2CV's to France - a far harder task than coals to Newcastle - so we can't be that bad!    

Because of the very nature of the 2CV, we are not going to even try to claim that our competitors have no love for the 2CV - EVERYONE who knows the 2CV holds more than a slight soft spot for the car! However, we can claim to be one of the friendliest and most experienced 2CV specialists in the UK.

No other specialist knows more about the car than we do, no other specialist has invested in shot blasting equipment or perfected its use, and no other specialist will do a better job.

Here at The 2CV Shop we undertake all work ourselves, in-house. We simply do not trust anyone else to do the work. Some will skimp the job thinking "its just a 2CV", others simply do not know the car well enough to reach the standards that our customers have a right to expect.

We are 2CV owners and enthusiasts. We are proud of our Workshop, Body Shop and especially our Shot Blasting. We are the only 2CV specialists to have invested in this facility, and this is the only way to guarantee a 100% rust free 2CV.

We have customers from not just all over the UK but from overseas as well, that will not let anyone else touch their pride and joy - even if that means getting the car shipped over to us.

Go on, we really are a friendly and approachable lot - and we really know our business, what more do you actually want?  Contact us today!



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To order a HARDCOPY by post please click Here

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Contact Us:
The 2CV Shop LTD
Unit 23
Deverill Road Trading Estate
Sutton Veny
Wiltshire BA12 7BZ
Tel: 01985 841327
Email: info@the2cvshop.co.uk

Opening Times
Monday to Friday 8:30 to 17:00
Saturday Please ring to confirm
Sunday Closed


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