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What Drives Us?

Some people are accountants, some are secretaries, maybe you are a computer programmer or a waiter in a restaurant. Most of us try to do a good job, and hopefully the working day does not drag too much................. but how many people work in a field that they are passionate about? - We do!

If you ask someone to give you a quote to decorate your living room, will they be really excited about the prospect? If you visit the dentist, will he get a real kick out of it? Doubtful!  Ask us to restore or rebuild your 2CV and the hormones kick in!

We even get a real buzz out of more routine repairs and service work - after all, we are playing a key part in keeping one of the worlds greatest motoring icons rolling!

We are absolutely passionate about the 2CV, and we know that their owners feel the same.  We know that the work we do will keep that smile on your face, and it's so nice to be working for happy people!

If you have ever driven a 2CV you will know that you can expect a friendly wave if you pass another one coming in the opposite direction, it's been like that for decades! You know the other driver has "discovered the secret" and there is a sense of mutual appreciation. It's the 2CV that drives these people, and it's these people who drive us.

Not content with driving the 2CV on ordinary roads, owners, including ourselves have been known to go to extremes. 2CV racing is now well established and great fun, others have crossed the Sahara, and the world for that matter - whilst those with a taste for real adventure have both flown and sailed 2CV's - and you thought it was just a car!  Needless to say we have been known to get involved in such eccentric adventures!

Whilst we have known and understood the people who are fanatical about their 2CV's for years, we have it on good authority that there are some people that, for reasons best known to themselves, have a similar passion about another classic car. Given that the skills we have are just as relevant to other cars as they are to 2CV's we are just as keen to put a smile on their faces too.



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