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The UK & Irelands Sole Distributor of Mehari Club Cassis 2cv Parts.

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All About Our Passion For 2cv's

You might get the impression by reading our web site that I am passionate about the 2cv…

Here is a very brief history of my life with the Citroen 2cv.

Back in 1990 myself and my girlfriend Lisa (now Wife) decided to sell the 2 cars we had and put the money into buying one car, we ended up with a 2cv. 
We had the red 2cv (Brian) for a number of years driving it all over Europe, even taking it on our honeymoon.

In 1993 we brought a Dyane for £50.00 (Ermintrude) to put back on the road and had it for a number of years.  

In 1995 we decided to buy a modern car and sell Brian the 2cv. We had the modern car for 3 months and sold it as we missed Brian so we brought a 2cv Van. 

We had so many good times in the van but decided to sell it in 2001 however we weren’t without a 2cv for long as we then went on to have a number of 2cv’s:
  • Blue Special
  • Blue and Cream Dolly
  • Cocorico (smokey jo)
  • Beachcomber (Which we rebuilt)
  • Green and White Dolly (winny, our current 2cv)
We also built a 2cv race car. To do the 2cv 24 hour race. the 2cv did the race  a number of times. I also MOT my race car so I could drive it on the road.

For a number of years, Lisa was hankering after a Dyane, so in 2018 we brought a Dyane cote D’Azure (Ermintrude 2)

We also have a Citroen H van fitted out as a camper van, the van is a bit different as I have fitted a 4.2 rover V8 engine and a 5 speed gearbox.

I have 2 sons, Jacob (the oldest) brought a red 2cv back in 2016 when he was 14 and over the last 2 years myself and Jacob have restored it and it is back on the road waiting for Jacob to pass his driving test next year. 

Darren Arthur


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