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2CV's for sale

We do not just sell parts and rebuild 2cv’s to order. We normally have a selection of restored 2cv's we put through our workshop as well.

Most of the time we end up selling the 2cv before we have chance to finish it.

So the photos are as the 2cv is now.

We will put a library photograph in so you can see what it will look like.

Some of our restored 2cv's we fully respray. Normally we respray them in the same colour.

If you purchase a 2cv before we have fully resprayed it then for a small charge we can repaint it in any colour. 

A thorough job done.

We put the same loving care into our restored 2cv‘s as we do to a full rebuild.

When we restore any of our 2cv's we have a 422 point check list we go through for every restored 2cv.

There is a Link here with it all on so you can see for yourself what a thorough job we do.

A peace of mind.

A large number of our customers buy a 2cv from us just by seeing the photos on our web site. The first time they see the 2cv in person is on the day they collect the 2cv or when we deliver it.

So as a peace of mind we offer all customers who buy a restored 2cv from us a full refund of their deposit if the 2cv is not in the condition you were expecting. (If you paid for delivery, we cannot refund the delivery cost)

No Rush

We work on a no rush and no hard sale policy with customers.

We never have sales prices on our 2cv's. The price is the Price. We will never say: this price ends today, you need to think fast as we have somebody coming this afternoon to buy it. NO.

If you need time to think about it then take your time. We are happy to put your name on a 2cv until 10am the next day. (No deposit required) so you can have time to make the right decision. 

Your first 2cv!

If you are new to the wonderful world of the Citroen 2cv, then welcome.

On the day you collect or we deliver your new 2cv we will spend as much time with you as you need to get used to your new friend. Generally speaking 10 to 20 minutes for most people to feel confident driving a 2cv. if you need more time, no problem. We can even show you how to take the seats out for when you have your picnic.

We come to you

We can deliver our 2cv's world wide. If it is within Europe I normally deliver the 2cv myself, please contact us for a delivery price.

If it is outside Europe we use the company CARS If you would like to arrange your own transport, we are happy to take it to any port (cost might apply).

Warranty small print:

The 2cv shop ltd, warranty on a restored 2cv (our 2cv for sale) is 6 months or 6000 miles, whichever comes first.

On a fully rebuilt 2cv, 1 year or 12000 miles, whichever comes first.

The restored and rebuilt warranty cover the same, apart from time and mileages.

ALL parts are covered under the warranty unless it's is misused or tampered with by a unauthorised person.

If we repair the 2cv under warranty in our workshop we will not charge any labour to fix it. 

If the 2cv is just out of warranty and something goes wrong then contact us and we can come to an arrangement.

Most of the new parts we fitted will come was a 1 year warranty. 

All of our 2cv’s will come with a new MOT, electronic ignition, full cavity wax injection plus a full sevrice.


A £1000 deposit is required to reserve the 2cv, you can pay the deposit by card (credit or debit card), bank transfer or cash.

The final payment is due on the day of collection or delivery, you can pay by debit card, bank transfer or cash. Sorry but for the final payment we cannot accept credit card as the fees are too high, but you can pay the deposit by credit card.



2cv's for sale.


Florence says hello. 

Florence is a Grey and grey Charlston 1986, With only 48000 miles on her clock. We believe Florence has only covered 48000 miles. But we do not have the Service book with Florence so we can not say for 100% the milage is original. But Florence is in too good of original condition to be a high milage 2cv. DVLA MOT history goes back as far as July 2005 with the mileage at 40234.

Florence has a galvanised chassis fitted. Mechanically Florence is in good shape for her age. She need a little TLC, which will all be taken care of.

The interior needs a little tidying up after 37 years, Dash Padding and the seats need to be refurbished. Which we will do.

Florence body is in fine fettle, We need to repaint 1 rear wing and the bonnet hinge, Apart from that all Florence needs is a good polish.

Florence will come with a new MOT, electronic ignition, We will also do a full service and give Florence a full cavity wax. we will carry out our 439 point check list please click here to see the list.



 It's Timmy our lovely Red and White Dolly. 1988

Our Timmy is a work in progress. We are slowly restoring Timmy. He has a galvanised chassis fitted, We have just finished welding in 2 new floor, sill and 2 rear inner wings. so structurally Timmy is solid.

His body shell will be fully painted inside and out. All the panels are in great condition so we will not be doing anything to them apart from a good polish.

The interior is in great shape, Seats are in fine fettle. We will be replacing the dash padding and sidelining.

Mechanically we will be going right through Timmy. Getting him back to his former glory.

Timmy will have a new MOT, Plus we will be fitting a electronic ignition, and carrying out a full service and a full cavity wax. Plus our 439 point check list please click here to see list.




Meet Ted the red and white Dollyright hand drive

Ted was born in 1988, Ted has 33800 miles on the clock. We believe it is the genuine milage but Ted does not come with his full history, so we cannot be sure. Ted has a 602cc engine and disc brakes on the front.

We are currently restoring Ted back to his former glory. Ted is on a galvanised chassis, we have welded in 2 new floors, Outter toe board, half windscreen and a rear quarter panel, plus a number of areas of rust has been cut out and new metal welded in.

Ted will be getting a full respray inside and out, a new red hood and new smart interior. I cannot list all the new parts we will be fitting as we are still working on Ted. By the time we are finished he will be good as new. We will go right through Ted. For more info about our 439 point check list please click here.

We will be adding more photos as we got closer to finishing Ted.



Say hello to Dave Alan the AK400s Left hand drive.

Dave was born in 1973, so is road tax free and exempt from having an MOT, however we will put a new MOT on Dave as we always do even on exempted cars.

20930 Km on Daves clock. We have no way of knowing if it is genuine, I would guess it is more like 120930Km (75000 miles).

I restored Dave about 18 years ago, Dave was on his way to the USA but sadly the new owner passed away before Dave got on the ship. After that Dave went to France and was put in a barn until we purchased him in 2017. We gave Dave a new coat of paint and used Dave as a coffee van at a number of trade shows but now it’s time for Dave to retire from commercial life.

Dave is on his original chassis which is in good order. He has his original engine and gearbox which is in fine fettle.

Dave will be going through our workshop to have some minor work done and a full service.

We will be adding more photos when we finish Dave.

Dave will go through our 439 point check list please click here.



Had your fun?

Most people keep there 2cv for many years but sometimes personal circumstances change.

If you decide to sell your 2cv and you do not want the agro of selling your 2cv.

Then we are happy to sell it for you on commission.

We only do this on 2cv‘s we have rebuilt or restored, as we know it was done right.





Our Parts Catalogue:

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