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How we Re-Build a Citroen 2CV

2CV Shop Rebuilt 2CV's are the closest thing you will get to a brand new 2CV!

Stage 1
The first stage of the 2CV rebuild is to totally strip down the 2cv. The 2CV is very carefully dismantled right down to the last nuts and bolts; and then stored in our special boxes, as it is very important to us to keep the original parts together and not get mixed up with other 2CV's.

Stage 2
All of the panels are then taken to get shot blasted where they are taken back to bare metal. The shot blasting process removes all paint and rust and this is the only effective way of ensuring that everything is removed.

Only The 2CV Shop have perfected the Shot Blasting process - accept nothing less!

  • When a panel starts to rust, it will usually start from the inside of the panel and is, therefore, not obvious immediately. If there is rust on the inside of the panel then it will become apparent to us during the shot blasting process as small pin holes in the metal will appear. In particular the 2CV doors will start to rust inside at the bottom. Our experience has proved that by cleaning a panel back to bare metal with paint stripper or wire wheel; you do not find the growing problem within the panels.            
 rebuild_4_230 rebuild_5_230   rebuild_6_230

Stage 3
When rust problems are identified during the shot blasting process, the panel is taken back into our workshop where our welders will cut it out and weld in new metal.

Stage 4
Once all of the panels have been shot blasted for the first time and all the new panels have been welded in, including new floors, sills, complete lower bulkhead, inner rear wings, rear light panel, complete boot floor and as necessary windscreen surround panel and rear body quarter are welded in; all of the panels and bodyshell are shot blasted.

There are two reasons that we shot blast for a second time:

  • Firstly to remove any rust that may have occurred on the bare metal.  
  • Secondly, and more importantly: because when we carry out any welding, a lot of heat goes into the metal and it goes blue and this thins the metal. If too much heat goes into the panel it will thin it too much and you will have rust within 6 to 12 months. So by shot blasting again, the thin metal will show up and it will again be welded until we are happy with the finished panel.           
 rebuild_7_230 rebuild_8_230  rebuild_9_230 

Stage 5
The rebuilt body shell is now treated and finished as follows:

  • The 2CV body shell is turned over and a good quality primer is applied to the underside of the 2CV.  
  • We then go on to apply a seam sealer to every seam on the 2CV and then underseal the underside of the 2CV to give it the best possible protection.  
  • From here the 2CV is taken into our Body Shop where we apply filler to take out any small blemishes. We do not use filler to fill any holes or big dents as this would lead to problems after a short while.  
  • Once we are happy, we go on to apply a coat of high quality etch primer, followed by 3 coats of high build primer. The high build primer is then sanded down to give a smooth base for the 3 colour coats. The paint that we use is of a high quality and will not fade over a few years as a lot of the cheaper paints do.

Stage 6
Whilst all of the above stages are underway,  the running gear, engine and chassis are taken to our Mechanical Shop where the chassis is replaced with a new chassis, all of the running gear overhauled, i.e. wheel bearings, kingpins, shock absorbers, all new brakes i.e. shoes, pads, discs, wheel  cylinders, rebuilt front callipers, all new brake pipes and reconditioned steering rack, coil starter motor, alternator, fuel line, fuel tank sender, etc. et., a reconditioned gear box is fitted, the engine is stripped down and overhauled . We now have a rebuilt rolling chassis awaiting its newly painted body shell.           

 rebuild_10_230 rebuild_11_230  rebuild_12_230 

Stage 7
We will then fit the body to the chassis and reassemble the 2CV to your specification, at this point we can wax oil  your 2CV should you require it. As the rust will mainly start from the inside of a panel, the cavity wax is injected into the panels of your 2CV and helps to prevent rust from starting within your panels. Re-assembling your 2CV will take about 80 hours, and in total the rebuild will take approximately 450 hours..

Stage 8
Once we have fully reassembled your 2CV for you, we will have it MOT’d and then test drive it for a few days before you collect it. All rebuilt 2CVs come with a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

Before any wear can commence, we spend quite a time discussing with you your personal requirements and we will give you a tour around our workshops showing you every stage in the process of rebuilding your 2CV. There are not many places now that you can have a say in the specification of your car before it is built for you, visit it at any point in its process, have photographs taken of it through the stages, choose the colour of your seats, roof, the colour of the 2CV, plus many options available to you, and have a beautiful classic car at the end of it all that you can drive on a daily basis.

The labour cost for all of the above is £10,650.00 + vat and parts. (options and specification will affect the price, we will provide written quotations based on your individual requirements on request).

2CV Vans
We can also rebuild 2CV Vans, but this will cost approximately an addition £1500.00 +VAT on parts and labour. If a van needs to be purchased; at the moment you will expect to pay between £800.00 to £1500.00 for one that needs rebuilding.



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